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Top 3 priorities of our nation in 21st century.

Like every Indian I too am concerned about the progress and prestige of my country and I wish that India relishes the image of a highly cultured, clean and developed country in this 21st century. As a responsible and sensitive citizen of India my top three priorities to work for on urgent basis for the betterment of our country are as under---
(1) Health and sanitation
(2)  Education and employment
(3)  Awareness of rights and duties
Health and sanitation – It’s a matter of shame that India is ill famed as one of the dirtiest countries of the world. As we move around the cities we find heaps of filth and garbage everywhere. In rural areas conditions are even worse. Our roads, parks, hospitals, railway stations, markets, public toilets, even govt. offices and surrounding areas of temples happen to be quite dirty. The tourists who come from foreign countries to visit India notice these unhygienic conditions and go back to their own countries with a very bad image of our country. Most of the beautiful things of India like our great architecture, colorful dresses, natural beauty, great cuisine, our cultural diversifications and simplicity of average citizen etc. are over shadowed by this ugly sight. It is not a matter of ugly sight only living in such unhygienic conditions is the main reason of most of the diseases which are rampant all over India. Basic hygiene only can reduce diseases up to 75%. Not only it’ll curtail our budget expenses we will enjoy good health and will have more happiness and smiling faces around us.
Education and employment – One of the important reasons of our most of the problems is poverty. Poverty is the byproduct of unemployment, insufficient employment and irregular employment. The paradox is this that we have the problem of unemployment and the shortage of skilled manpower at the same time. The reason is simple. Our present education system does not make us skilled enough to cater the needs of manpower market requirements. In our present education system there is a good scope of corrections and retrospection. I’ll like to pass out every single student as a trained and skilled person who devotes eight to ten precious years of his life in getting basic education. This will enable him to earn his living gracefully with the education he has received during these years. What I want to say that instead of theoretical knowledge we should focus our concentration on vocational training. Higher education is also necessary and the students who wish to pursue for research work and other academic achievements may opt for it as per their interest. For rest of the students this kind of education should be available in different formats like online classes, evening classes, or through correspondence courses. Such courses do exist today but there is need to make them more popular so that most of the students may get benefitted by this system and may also continue with their job too. There should be groups of the experts from the market, Industries and futurologists to help and guide students in skill selections for their better career.
Awareness of rights and duties – Indian constitution is perhaps the largest in this world and no doubt it has proved its worth by making India world’s largest and successful working democracy. Despite our cultural diversities in religion, languages and economic conditions our constitution takes us along and gives us a feeling of being a proud citizen of our country. This constitution has given us many rights but each right is associated with a reminder of a duty to be fulfilled by us. E.g. We have the constitutional right of the freedom of speech and we can express our views whatever we think but there is an inbuilt duty also that we should not say anything which may hurt the feeling of our fellow persons, we cannot abuse anyone. Similarly we have the right to follow any religion but we are duty bound to respect the religious customs of other persons. We should not say bad things about other religions. Our constitution is great. It has given us many rights but at the same time it makes us aware of our duties also. We should enjoy our rights but we should never refrain from performing our duties being a responsible citizen. There should be big efforts to educate everyone about this aspect in the same way as it was done to educate people for polio drops and family planning.
In my views these three problems need our focus and attention at the most. If these three issues are handled properly it will generate so much positive energy that our remaining problems will be solved automatically and we will relish the fresh air of 21st century in even more bright, healthy and vibrant India. 

Sadhana Vaid 

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